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Calculate your expected monthly loan installment. The calculation can be configured according to output values, loan amount or credit installment. Have you already found your dream property and would like to know what the loan rate for the fulfillment of your dream home is? You can calculate the amount of your monthly payments in just a few clicks. The calculator for the pension calculation was provided by atikon.

Calculate the expected loan interest for your real estate financing.

Calculate the expected loan interest for your real estate financing.

Duration: depending on the creditworthiness, scope, duration, purpose and security. One time 2% of the loan nominal. The annual percentage rate was calculated using the following parameters: repayment in 360 monthly lump sums; 2% processing or agency fee for the nominal loan amount; Land registration fee 1.2% of the nominal loan amount, estimate fee 399.00 USD; Attestation fee 450,00 USD; Legitimation fee 19,00 USD; Request DM 25,00 USD.

All information in the calculation are not binding and depend on creditworthiness, scope, duration, purpose and collateral.

Calculate lending rate

Calculate lending rate

The Loan Calculator offers potential borrowers immediate insight into loan finance. It will tell you if your real estate financing is possible and how it will change with your own funds. Particularly in the case of real estate financing, a loan comparison can not be waived as it concerns long-term financing with considerable sums of money.

The finance experts show you the way to the right financing and accompany you during the whole phase of the financing. Find the most attractive mortgages, construction loans and fixed-interest loans with us and use our uncomplicated loan calculator for a quick start. Our advice saves you a lot of time and helps you to get the right loan financing. Our reconciliation gives you a first rate loan and you can be sure that you have the right financing conditions.

In our loan comparison, you can compare the loan interest rates of the banks we represent on the Internet. The reference rates shown are always determined under the best conditions. Our loan calculator gives you an insight into the financing of real estate under the best possible conditions of the above guidelines. The greater the capital and the income, the easier it is to obtain financing at the best possible conditions.

The financial experts of our company will assist you in choosing the right real estate financing expertly and free of charge. In particular, the independent financial advice offers the greatest benefit by the holistic consideration based on the various needs of the borrower in connection with the property. The calculation, which can be made with our credit comparison, is incidentally completely free of charge and without obligation.

It is also very helpful for you to decide whether to take out a fixed or a variable loan. The financial experts of our company supervise and support you during the whole phase of the financing. When comparing credit, however, attention should not just be paid to the low lending rate. For a real estate loan to be easily repaid, it is necessary to choose the term of the loan properly.

Life insurance, guarantee, With our free loan comparison, you can get an impression of the current interest conditions. But since every house bank assesses the needs of each borrower, it is important for you to take advantage of our expert and free information. Because we are happy to advise you. In the search for a favorable loan and thus a favorable interest rate, one differentiates itself above all in the holistic care by financial experts.

The loan calculator and the loan comparison give you a first insight. Our professionals will then assist you in selecting banks and financing them.

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